Back, Bi’s & Abs

Today’s workout focuses on Back, Biceps and Abs.  This workout takes 25 minutes with little to no rest other than grabbing a sip of water in between rounds. 3 rounds total.  Ready, set, GO!!!

1. Resistance band rear delt flys (dumbbells work as well). 15 reps

2. TRX rows.  25 reps

3. Kettle bell dead lifts. 20 reps

4. Stability ball back extensions. 20 reps

5. TRX Power Pulls.  10 reps each side

6. Alternating Hammer curls with dumbbells (balance on one foot to activate abs). 10 reps each side

7. Medicine ball fast curls.  20 reps Or until burn out

8. Abdominal roll outs with wheel or TRX. 10 reps

9. Medicine ball crunches with arms reaching up to sky. 12 reps slow

10.Medicine ball bicycle crunch. 12 reps slow each side


Feel free to switch out dumbbells for kettle bells or medicine ball, depending on what you have available at home.

Remember to warm up for 5 minutes and stretch afterward.

P.S. Make sure to get your doctor’s consent before doing this or any exercise program!

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