Antioxidants for Skin and Health


Antioxidants may play a role in keeping our skin healthy by protecting if from cancer causing molecules know as free radicals*.  There are simple ways we can create beautiful skin and protect our health by incorporating antioxidants into our everyday meals and snacks.  Vitamin E is a power house of an antioxidant:

  •  Keeps cells in the tissues and organs healthy** (our skin is our largest organ, hello!!!)
  •  Promotes cardiovascular health**
  • Keeps the immune system strong against viruses and bacteria**
My favorite way to get a little boost of Vitamin E is through walnuts!  Walnuts contain twice the antioxidant levels of ANY other nuts and 2-15 times as much Vitamin E.  You only have to eat 7 raw walnuts per day to get the health benefits!***  Make sure they are not roasted so that you get the full nutritional benefit.  Simply add this to your salad at lunch or dinner or as an afternoon snack.

*National Cancer Institute,


***American Chemical Society, 3/27/2011.

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