Burger Bowl Obsession!


Have Your Burger & Eat It Too!  

Life gets busy.  We live with fast food all around us.  Your partner, kids, friends and family want a burger and fries at least once a week (if not more).  Did you know you can join them with out derailing your heath and fitness goals?  I do it all the time!  Whether it’s Five Guys or at a cook out, you can still enjoy and have that BURGER!!!


  1. No bun. Get it in a bowl with all the toppings or wrapped in lettuce. Or on top of a salad (Ted’s Montana grill has a great option for this)
  2. Get all condiments on the side so you can eyeball-measure about a tablespoon of the ketchup or mayo.  Go wild with the mustard, if it’s your thing.
  3. Cheese or Mayo!  Or half a serving of each.
  4. Bacon optional
  5. Go for all the veggies your heart desires!
  6. ENJOY!

p.s. Of course there is the issue of the fries. Go for it.  Just keep it to a fist size portion or less.

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