Better than Restaurant Salmon

Super Easy Quick dinner under 20 min! 

#1 rule with Salmon: IT MUST BE FRESH & NEVER FROZEN!

Preheat oven to 425 *F

4 – 6oz filets of fresh, never frozen salmon

Extra virgin olive oil (~1T)

Sea salt to taste (~1/2t)

Black pepper to taske (~1/4t)

Garlic powder to taste (~1/2t)

Paprika to taste (~1/4t)

Dill to taste (~1/8t)

Place salmon in a 9×13 baking dish.  Drizzle or brush the EVOO on each piece.  Sprinkle all seasonings to your liking on top of each filet of salmon.  Cook in the
oven for 12-15minutes.  Make sure fish is flaky and golden on top!

Enjoy with a veggie (I like to roast Broccoli on a cookie sheet at the same time with just EVOO, sea salt and pepper) and Sweet potato or rice and it’s DINNER!

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